H508 Anti-Dark Spot Radiance Oil 50ml


100% natural oil to treat hyperpigmentation spots on the face, body and hands. Without synthetic chemicals or hydroquinone. Unifying treatment that effectively blurs pigmentation spots, improves skin texture and restores an even complexion. Radiant Complexion and Healthy Glow Effect.

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Formulation of vegetable oils and essential oils
100% natural oil, carrot oil and EO, vegetable oil. Free of synthetic chemicals and hydroquinone.

Benefits and uses: Unifying night care. Eliminates hyperpigmentation spots on face, body and hands. hands. Improves skin texture and restores an even complexion.
Complexion radiance and healthy-glow effect. Apply as a cleansing oil in the evening on moistened absorbent cotton for daily care then 2 to 3 times a week.
Use gently if necessary for the eye contour area, avoiding contact contact with the inside of the eye. Duo Oil & Cream AT possible

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